Rustic Sourdough Bread – Second Try

Rustic Sourdough Bread – Second Try

With the temperatures finally more seasonable, I decided I could finally try sourdough bread baking again. I really felt like I should give the Rustic Sourdough Bread another try.

This began very differently from my first attempt. The dough that I produced from the first time was extremely wet… and I’m still not really sure why, unless my starter had more water content in it then. My dough this time was much more dough-like – not sticky, pliable, maintained a shape.

I also made sure that I’d have time to make my bread this time. I had an evening at home. Baking the bread would likely keep me up a little late, since I was starting it at 7:15, but I didn’t mind that too much. I wanted to have it to go with my perfectly ripe tomatoes on a sandwich the next day.

I followed the instructions closely. I may have sprayed too much water on my bread too much this time. My bread didn’t brown up like I thought it should, and I thought it would rise a little more than it would. The end product did not look as appealing as the bread looks in the instructions from the King Arthur Flour website.


Rustic Sourdough Bread
Rustic Sourdough Bread – Second Attempt

This wasn’t nearly as flat at my original bread was. We sliced it to have with sandwiches. This was still relatively dense, and it had a fine, sandwich bread texture. I personally would have preferred it to be less fine, and have a texture more like how it looks in the picture on the website. I suppose I’m still trying to figure out what texture I would like my bread to have, and how to best make that texture happen. However, the taste was fine, and I did enjoy this bread.

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