Shake shake shake – shake shake shake – shake your garlic

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So, I don’t usually link to videos, but a friend showed me this a while ago. Tonight was the first time I actually needed to peel more than one or two cloves of garlic at a time. (I’m hoping to tell you later this weekend Here’s the recipe that I made that required me to peel 4 heads of garlic.)

Take a look at the video. Basically, just shake around your garlic in a bowl until it’s peeled.

It works! Kind of. I decided that the only vessels I had that were the same size were plastic containers, so I tried vigorously shaking my garlic around in a plastic bowl with a lid. This works, but the shaking also releases the oil so the cloves become sticky. I had the most success with the first head I shook, and less with subsequent heads. I bet I would have had better luck if I’d used a bigger container so there would be more movement and more friction.

Even though I still had to peel some cloves by hand, it was much faster than trying to do them all manually.

Has anyone else tried this? Were you successful?

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