A Third 2018 #cook90 Update

A Third 2018 #cook90 Update

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The last week of cooking has been fine. I’ve updated what we ate here (and it’s also listed below), but here’s a link to what I’d planned to make. I had to adjust my entire meal plan because I was so busy on Monday. I’m glad I didn’t need the leftovers from any given meal in order to make the next meal.

I was a big fan of the slow cooker chicken and wild rice soup I made. We got 7 meals out of it. It was great having those leftovers around for Monday, when I had multiple appointments that ran late and had no time to cook.

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Also great for leftovers – sizzling bulgogi tacos, from Smitten Kitchen Every Day (affiliate link). I had a giant hunk of frozen hamburger, so I tripled it, and was so glad I had. It was delicious, and Amelia ate just as much as I did. Half of the time, her meals are yogurt, cheese, quesadilla, fruit, and cereal, in some combination, so it was fantastic for her to eat so much dinner with us. And then she ate it for lunch, and for dinner again, and for lunch again.

I didn’t enjoy the shakshuka that much. It was okay, but just isn’t my thing, I guess. Alex graciously ate the rest of it, while I ate most of our other leftovers.

I still hate cleaning and otherwise preparing greens (the escarole). I did it a lot a few years ago when I had a CSA box, and it was fun because they were so fresh, but really it’s a lot of work for not much payoff.

St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake

My fun baking project for this week was another St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake (new recipe) for a meeting I went to on Friday. There weren’t many of us so I brought home a lot of leftovers. Alex and I have dutifully (and happily) finished off those leftovers.

I’ve only got a third of the month left. I’m going to eat out on Thursday night (Alex teaches so we join him out for dinner), and over the weekend. The local Greek Orthodox church will have a Greek Feast, where they have light entertainment and (most importantly for us) Greek food and pastries. We always go for lunch or dinner to have a gyro and bring home a lot of baklava and other variations on desserts with nuts, phyllo, and honey. I’d be very disappointed to miss it.

I feel like we’ve been having more vegetarian meals as I’ve been making dinner more often. I hope I keep that up once January is over.

cumin-scented potatoes with chickpeas

Here’s what we ate last week. Week 4 is below.

Week 3

Monday 1/15

Breakfast: leftover cinnamon rolls, and coffee scones from the freezer (it’s a federal holiday, so time for special breakfast!)
Lunch: leftover chicken and wild rice soup
Dinner: more leftover chicken and wild rice soup (it was a hectic day – thank goodness for leftovers!)

Tuesday 1/16

Lunch: last of the chicken and wild rice soup
Dinner: Shakshuka with fish (Alex took both leftovers)

Wednesday 1/17

Lunch: light salad with garlic bread (I had a heavy mid-morning snack)
Dinner: lentils with roasted beets and escarole

Thursday 1/18

Lunch: leftover lentils with beets
Dinner: Cumin-Scented potatoes with tomato, with rice and crispy roasted chickpeas (for the potatoes, I used crushed tomatoes instead of fresh, and halved the salt and cayenne pepper)

Friday 1/19

Lunch: leftovers lentils with beets
Dinner: sizzling bulgogi tacos (a huge hit in our house! even with Amelia)

Saturday 1/20

Breakfast: multigrain pancakes, with chocolate chips on top
Lunch: leftover cumin-scented potatoes over rice and lentils
Dinner: leftover bulgogi tacos

Sunday 1/21

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: leftover cumin-scented potatoes with lentils
Dinner: street chicken and rice

Week 4

Monday 1/22

Lunch: leftover street chicken and rice
Dinner: quick chicken tikka masala

Tuesday 1/23

Lunch: leftover chicken tikka masala
Dinner: roasted pork with pears and potatoes

Wednesday 1/24

Lunch: leftover pork
Dinner: pasta with white beans and escarole

Thursday 1/25

Lunch: leftover pasta
Dinner: dining out

Friday 1/26

Lunch: leftover pasta
Dinner: slow-baked salmon

Saturday 1/27

Breakfast: fun breakfast, TBD
Lunch: leftover salmon
Dinner: Greek feast!

Sunday 1/28

Breakfast: another fun weekend breakfast
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: slow cooker soup (maybe black bean soup)

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