267: Sourdough Breadsticks

I was making lasagna, and I looked up a recipe for Sourdough Breadsticks to go with it. I think this was the only recipe I found that was for sourdough breadsticks, and not an explanation of how to adapt sourdough bread to bake it as breadsticks. [As a side note, this recipe also has instructions on how to make these into Pizza Breadsticks!] I only had enough sourdough starter for half a recipe, which was great because we really don’t need to eat that much bread, anyway.

I mixed the dough in the stand mixer. It wasn’t coming together at first but I was pretty sure it didn’t need extra water, so I used my hands to incorporate all of the ingredients into a ball of dough. I put it back in the stand mixer and let it knead it until it seemed stretchy and elastic. I put it in a bowl, covered it, and let it rise until doubled. I patted the dough out, cut it into 6 pieces (and weighed them so I could make sure they were all the same weight), and stretched/rolled out the dough until each bread stick was about 8 inches long. I put them on a baking sheet, covered them with plastic wrap, and let them sit on the stove since it was warm from the oven being on.

I let these rise extra long since I was waiting to bake them with dinner. They probably rose for about an hour and a half. I brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled garlic salt on them, and baked them for a total of 14 minutes. They were still pale on top but I thought they probably looked done enough.

sourdough breadsticks
Sourdough Breadsticks

These were incredibly soft. They had a nice texture, but they weren’t too chewy or dense. They tore easily. Honestly, I’ve wanted to imitate the breadsticks that you can get at Fazoli’s, and these definitely had the right (if not better) texture. Alex and I are so used to those breadsticks that these seemed like they lacked something – and I’m guessing that something is butter. How I season the top of my breadsticks isn’t the fault of the recipe, though.

I’ve tried making yeast breadsticks in the past, and these were better than any of my other attempts. The dough was very soft and easy to put together, and easy to shape. The texture was great. And, this recipe didn’t take too long by bread-making standards. If you’ve got sourdough starter, definitely give these a try. I’ll probably try these again.

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