110: Raspberry-Blackberry Chocolate Chip Scones

110: Raspberry-Blackberry Chocolate Chip Scones

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I wanted to make chocolate chip scones for breakfast on Saturday morning, and as I did a quick internet search for a recipe, I just happened to rediscover Joy of Baking, a baking site that I both really like and always forget about. That’s where I got the recipe for Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones.

Scones are really no more difficult to make than biscuits. You use a pastry cutter (affiliate link) (I love mine!) to cut butter into the flour and other dry ingredients; then you mix in wet ingredients that often include an egg and a little milk or cream. You mix until the dough just comes together, knead it gently (I often find that this helps the dough come together more), and pat into a circle which you then cut into 8 pieces.

This recipe had me mix in dark chocolate and berries prior to adding the liquids. I used a combination of raspberries and blackberries that were in a bag of frozen fruit – I couldn’t tell them apart when they were frozen (or they may have all been blackberries)! As they thawed while I mixed them in, they colored the dough. Instead of milk or cream, this recipe actually called for 1/2 cup of plain yogurt – since I was at the end of my carton of plain yogurt, I made up the difference with a little lowfat vanilla yogurt. I brushed the scones with milk, but not the egg, prior to baking, even though I know intellectually that egg and milk washes do different things.

The recipe calls for dusting the baked scones with powdered sugar and putting under the broiler for a few minutes to give it a nice golden color. I started to do this, but I think I keep my rack too low below the broiler and I got nervous that the sugar might burn. So, I pulled them out before much of the sugar melted at all.

raspberry chocolate chip scones
Delicious Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

These were very good. The yogurt gave the scones a nice, moist texture and a good flavor. [Caveat: I pat out my scones and score them directly on the baking sheet, which means that the sides touch and don’t become as done as they likely should; on the bright side, this keeps them nice and moist.] I would definitely make these again, and recommend them. I’m not going to forget about Joy of Baking again, after these delicious scones. I’m looking forward to trying out the other scones recipe on this site as well.


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