136: Pecan and Chocolate Chip Scones

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For breakfast on Memorial Day, I decided to make Pecan Chocolate Chip Scones. I was very excited about making these. We all know that I love scones – I should make it a separate tag, quite honestly. I also love pecans and chocolate chips, so this seemed like a win-win-win scenario.

This recipe was very easy to make, but I might be a little biased since I make scones so often. They really did come together very quickly.

First I toasted the pecans. Sometimes I might think about skipping this step, but I simply put them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven while it preheated and while I got all my ingredients together.

Assembly was easy. Mix together dry ingredients. Cut in butter with pastry cutter (affiliate link). Mix in pecans and chocolate chips. Combine buttermilk and maple syrup, and add to flour mixture. Knead gently, pat out into 7 inch circle, and cut into 8 wedges.

We were having a friend over for brunch, so I did actually place the scones on the baking sheet separately, with space between them (something I don’t ever do). I also made the egg wash to make sure that the scones turned out nice and pretty. I didn’t bother with trying to broil powdered sugar on these, because they were beautiful as they were.

Pecan Chocolate Chip Scones

These tasted as good as they looked. I liked them a lot. I was impressed with how nicely they turned out when I *followed directions*. I don’t know if I’ve ever separated out scones – I’ve always just cut them into wedges directly on the baking sheet, to save the extra step of washing an additional surface. Similarly, making an egg wash seems like a waste – you have so much egg left when you’re done. I took care of the egg by using it in pancakes the following weekend, and the pancakes didn’t suffer any for it.

I don’t think I noticed the flavor of the maple syrup in this recipe, but the pecans and chocolate were delicious. The scones had a good crumb and were moist and tender. They were also good the following day as leftovers. I’ll definitely make this recipe again.

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