147: Stuffed Spuds

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My coworker Sue likes to cook, and she put the recipe for Stuffed Spuds on my desk after I complained to her about how tough it was to find stuffed mushroom recipes (or any other kind of stuffed recipes, for that matter) that don’t call for cheese.

This recipe is basically a beef, broccoli, and mushroom stirfry on top of a baked potato. I microwaved 2 potatoes to cook them. Although I only used half of the amount of potatoes, I used the full 12oz beef, 2 cups broccoli, and 8oz mushrooms.

I didn’t want to buy stirfry sauce just to make this recipe, so I decided to wing it after looking at the ingredients on a bottle of stirfry sauce. I’d also made stirfries before, so I knew the basics. I combined 1/4 cup white wine and 1/4 cup soy sauce, and added garlic, grated ginger, and red chili flakes to taste. After I cooked the beef, broccoli, and mushrooms, I added this sauce. I quickly realized that I should have added some cornstarch to thicken it up, so I sprinkled some unknown amount in as it cooked. I topped the potatoes with the stirfry, and added what was left on the side.

Stuffed Spuds (stirfry on baked potato)

I really enjoyed this recipe. It was very quick to make, too – we ate it before we went to a kickball game at 7. The strength of this recipe depends on the sauce, though – you want to be sure you like your stirfry sauce. Also, it might get a little dry if you don’t have enough sauce, so don’t skimp on it. This meal felt pretty healthy, but I also felt pretty full when I was done eating. I’d definitely make this again.

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