163: Korean Beef Stirfry

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I decided to try Korean Beef Stirfry. This is another good example of why I should only practice mindful cooking and take the time to follow the directions.

I followed this recipe pretty closely… until I reached the part about adding bagged spinach. I decided to add frozen spinach – and since it was a bag that I’d opened previously, I decided to add the entire thing. This meant 6 ounces cooked spinach, which is an entirely different quantity than 6 ounces uncooked spinach.

I knew this, but I did it anyway. Thus, the spinach overwhelmed the flavor of this dish.

I’m disappointed in my technique because I know better. If I’d added the proper amount of spinach, I would have been able to taste the ginger and the jalapeno. I’d have been able to taste the sweetness from the mirin.

This was okay how I made it, but it primarily tasted like fresh-tasting spinach. I don’t think this is a bad recipe – I still bet it’s pretty good. I might try it again in the future to see if I can find out.

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