164: Chicken with Bell Peppers, Ham, and Paprika

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I decided to make Chicken with Bell Peppers, Smoked Ham, and Paprika to use up some of the extra ham I had stashed away in my freezer. Of course, mine wasn’t smoked ham. I also just had regular paprika instead of smoked paprika.

Ingredient differences aside, I mostly followed this recipe. I made it the night before I wanted to eat it, so I only simmered it about half as long the first night as I was supposed to. I heated it up the next day and served it with rice.

Chicken with Ham and Bell Peppers

This was okay. I had somehow expected more, somehow. I think that it was a little fattier or greasier than I had expected or than I really would have preferred. I think I would have enjoyed this more with bread than with rice.

This probably would have had better flavor if I had made it with smoked ham and paprika; the addition of bacon in lieu of smoked ham might have helped. I may have to find some quality paprika in the future, but if you don’t have those, this dish will lack depth of flavor. It’s not bad, and feel free to try it. I don’t think I’ll make it again, though.

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