165: San Francisco-Style Sourdough Bread

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I fed my starter again, and wanted bread to go with my leftover chicken with bell peppers and ham. I looked around (a lot) before deciding on the San Francisco Style Sourdough  [Edit 2017: link no longer works] because it fit into the time I’d allotted.

Disclaimer: I made this 3 weeks ago as of the time I’m writing this, and I can’t specifically remember too much about this. I don’t have a picture of this bread, so which I think means it’s the first of my over-risen attempts at sourdough bread.

I liked this recipe because it seemed like it could overnight. I halved the ingredients to make a single loaf. I mixed the ingredients in the stand mixer and let it do the kneading for me.  I let it rest 30 minutes to an hour, then punched it down and formed a boule from the dough. I set this on a pan on the stove, and let it rise, covered, probably until I got home from work the next day. This was about 18 hours, in June, which was entirely too much.

I had to carefully pry the plastic wrap from the loaf, and I baked it, probably about 45 minutes like the instructions say.

Of course, the dough collapses when it rises too much. Thus the final product was very flat, and I decided I didn’t want a picture of it. It tasted fine. It was sour like sourdough bread is, and perhaps a little more than I would have preferred.

I may try this again in the future, but if I do I’ll probably have to bake it in morning to make sure that it’s a nice, well-risen loaf. I may also investigate refrigerating the loaf while it rises to slow down that process, so that I can bake fresh bread when I get home from work.

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