228: Toffee Bars

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I almost always want to bake on Thursdays, when I’ve made it almost to the weekend but still have another day of work.  By Thursday, we’ve almost always eaten all of the desserts or snacks I made over the weekend; I’ve made responsible dinners, rather than more fun meals or sweets that take longer. It’s not just that I want to be able to take a snack to work – by baking something on Thursday evening when I haven’t baked something all week, I make that evening more weekend-like, in a weird way.

In any case, the last Thursday in August, I had to bake something, and that something was Toffee Bars. It seemed like the perfect combination of rich cookie and chocolate. It also sounded incredibly easy. You melt butter, add brown sugar, vanilla, salt and flour. Press the dough into the bottom of a pan and bake for 20 minutes. Then, sprinkle chocolate chips on top, let them soften, and spread them over the top of the hot cookie. Sprinkle with almonds. Cool, cut, and have dessert.

These were delicious. They were rich and decadent, a perfect combination of chocolate and not-chocolate cookie. I just used some generic chocolate chips here, but this would be even better if you used better quality chocolate. The shortbread had a great, crumbly texture. You should definitely try this recipe.

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