24: Fragrant Chicken Curry

24: Fragrant Chicken Curry

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I love using my crockpot, particularly on Mondays when I get home a little late, and just don’t want to cook because it’s a Monday. It means I have to get up a little earlier to make sure I get food in there, but it really doesn’t take that long, particularly when I consider how long it takes to make something fast once I get home from work.

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Today I came home to Fragrant Chicken Curry, an Indian (-inspired) chicken and lentil dish. I can’t attest to how Indian or authentic it is. It was in The Slow Cooker Recipe Book (affiliate link), one of many cookbooks I bought for 4.99 at Borders or Barnes & Noble and which vary in quality. I chose this recipe because I had some spinach that I wanted to use in my crockpot, and I want to wait to find a really good Chicken Saag recipe.

The chicken breasts were frozen when I put it in the slow-cooker, so I doubled the amount of lentils (plain ol’ lentils, nothing special or particular), liquid, and seasoning to make sure that the poultry was submerged. I left it on low all-day, rather than cooking it on high for 5 hours. I added spinach when I got home, but I forgot about the cilantro until I looked up the recipe online just now.

fragrant chicken curry
Fragrant Chicken Curry

I definitely needed more chicken in it (my fault there), and it definitely needed the cilantro to perk it up. I really hoped that the flavors would be a little brighter. I think that ultimately I miss the ginger flavor, among others, that I think should be in here. It’s possible that I’ll like it more when I have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, since I added extra cilantro to them. It’s not bad, but I don’t think I’ll be making this again.

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