248: Corn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes

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The recipe for Corn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes and Lime Aioli appealed to me. I’d never made corn fritters before, and I thought it would be a delicious use of some of my tomatoes that are still just beginning to ripen in September. I decided to make it, and to leave out the aioli.

I didn’t roast the tomatoes an hour and a half, but they baked at least an hour, while we walked our dog and I made the fritters. I used 2% milk instead of fat-free milk in the fritters. I thawed some frozen corn to use in this, rather than using fresh. I dropped level tablespoons of the batter, as the recipe said to; this yielded 19 fritters. This worked out well because my tomatoes were small, too; I could make smaller stacks but more of them. I layered the fritters with the roasted tomatoes and spinach (in place of arugula), and topped it with bacon (instead of prosciutto).

Corn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes

This was pretty tasty. I love roasted tomatoes. The corn fritters were also pretty good. Unfortunately, the combination of them wasn’t as entrancing for me as I thought it might be. Don’t get me wrong – the fritters and tomatoes went together well, but I just enjoyed eating them separately. The fritters were simple, and this made the right amount for me and Alex to split for dinner. I’d make this again.

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