274: Sourdough Waffles (2)

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What to do with sourdough starter when I already had plenty, yet wanted to be sure to feed it so I could use it the next day? I knew I had a few other waffle recipes that required me to make the batter the night before, so I’d be able to use up some starter and feed it for the next day. I decided to make this Sourdough Waffles recipe since it took a little more sourdough starter than the other recipe.

This batter took butter (I used oil), milk, sourdough starter, salt, brown sugar, and flour. It rested for about 12 hours overnight before I added eggs and baking soda to finish the batter. I used 2/3 cup batter in my waffle iron, and this made 6 waffles.

Sourdough Waffles

These were pretty good. They were not as light or bready as the last sourdough waffles I made, but I liked them that way. These waffles had a little more heft to them, and seemed much more like standard waffles. They were a pretty golden color. I’m not sure, but I may have liked this recipe better than the Old-Fashioned Maine Sourdough Waffles that I made the other day (Alex definitely liked these better). I also expect that these will be better as leftovers than those were. I’d definitely make this recipe again.

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