282: Pumpkin Cupcakes

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It’s fall. For a friend’s birthday, I wanted to make cupcakes; since it was fall, I made Pumpkin Cupcakes.

I wanted more than a dozen cupcakes, so I doubled this recipe. I used my stand mixer because I was tired and wanted to be hands-off with the mixing. I used margarine in place of butter. I used 2 oven racks so that I could bake all the cupcakes at once. I switched the racks that the pans were on after 10 minutes (but did not turn the pans at all). For some reason I had to bake these 25 minutes or so before they were done. It’s possible that there were a couple of tiny clumps of pumpkin in it; it’s also possible that I switched the pans too soon. I usually rotate the pan 180 degrees when I switch racks, so maybe that actually makes a difference.

I didn’t make the frosting in this recipe because I didn’t really feel like I had the time. I used a can of cream cheese frosting instead.

Pumpkin Cupcakes

I’ll be honest – I like to cook pumpkin things, but I don’t like pumpkin that much. It’s okay, and I can take it or leave it (and I leave it most of the time). That said, I enjoyed the cupcake I had. It was moist and had a good texture. Thus, I have what Alex says about them since he ate what we brought home. Here’s his review:

They were delicious. They had a nice texture and stayed moist the whole time that we had them. They were pumpkiny, but not as pumpkiny as I thought they would be from the batter.

Alex said he would eat them again. Everyone else seemed to like them too. I’d say this recipe’s a keeper (as long as you like pumpkin).

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