45: Beef and Potato Salad with Smoky Chipotle

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I decided to try something a little different, since I actually had all of the ingredients for it. I don’t like potato salads; I don’t like the mayonnaise in American ones, but I also just don’t care that much for vinegar. The recipe for Beef & Potato Salad with Smoky Chipotle had enough other flavors that I considered it worth trying.

I simmered the beef the day before so that I’d be able to get it ready faster after we got home from work. I added the hot potatoes to the bowl with the shredded beef, did my best to sprinkle vinegar on them (as opposed to dousing some), and added the onion, oil, and chipotles. I didn’t chop the chipotles as well as I should have, but that’s mostly because I had a cut on my finger and didn’t want to hold anything that tightly.

Beef and Potato Salad with chipotle and avocado, in poor light

This was different. I didn’t like the smell of the vinegar as I mixed it, and that affected my enjoyment of the meal. Alex and I agreed that we liked it more when the vinegar flavor wasn’t too strong (likely a failure of my mixing). This was featured in an “avocado” section in Eating Well magazine, but the addition of avocado didn’t really add that much to the dish, in my opinion. I just don’t think that the recipe needs an avocado, even if they’re in season.

This wasn’t bad, and people who like potato salads (read: any taste of vinegar) probably would enjoy it. Alex thought it was different, and it’s true that I usually don’t make things like this. I wouldn’t make it again, but that’s because of personal taste. I wouldn’t discourage anyone else from trying it.

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