63: Chocolate Chip Cornbread Breakfast Cake

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Over the weekend I took a break from heavy cooking, since it was my anniversary weekend. On Sunday morning, though, I made Chocolate Chip Cornbread Breakfast Cake. I got the link to the recipe from my friend Starr’s blog – you can read her post about when she made it (she takes pretty pictures as she goes).

Chocolate Chip Cornbread – ignore the lines from where I flipped it upside down onto a rack

I like my cornbread a little sweet, so I thought I would enjoy this recipe. After I started, I realized that I have a very finely ground cornmeal, much more like a corn flour, so I wouldn’t get a nice, crunchy, cornbread-y texture with this. (This makes my regular cornbread a little disappointing, too.) I used 1% milk instead of whole milk, because that’s what I have in the house. This recipe mixed together pretty quickly, a definite plus. I love quick breads.

A few slices of Chocolate Chip Cornbread for breakfast

I had to bake this a few minutes longer than the recipe said to, but I think that’s pretty standard for when I use my loaf pans. The corn flour may have caused the toothpick to be messy longer, too. As you can see from the slices above, most of the chocolate chips sank to the bottom (maybe because of the light-texture corn flour, or perhaps the cornbread rose and left the chocolate chips behind). Neither Alex nor I eat butter on bread, so we didn’t follow the suggestions to butter the bread liberally.

Bites with chocolate chips were delicious. Bites without chocolate chips… were cornbread. Good cornbread, but still (my underwhelming) cornbread. We enjoyed this – we happily ate it for most of this week for breakfast. I’m going to try it again (next year). When I make it again, I’ll make sure I have the coarser-ground cornmeal, and I’ll sprinkle chocolate chips both in the batter and on top of the batter, so that there’s chocolate in every bite.

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