67: Chimichurri Sauce and 68: Salmon with Alton Brown’s Spice Pomade

67: Chimichurri Sauce and 68: Salmon with Alton Brown’s Spice Pomade

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I talked Alex into grilling this week because I bought some beef I wanted grilled [top sirloin cap steak, to be precise – you grill it, slice the done ends off to eat, keep grilling, slice ends off, repeat]. But, I’m not going to talk about beef (much) in this post. We have a charcoal grill, which means that there’s lots of fire once you’ve got it going – which means that you should try to cook at much on there as you can, to not waste a well-heated grill. Luckily, I had a piece of salmon to grill in addition to our dinner.

I’ve been trying to use up the random produce I have around, so I made Alex toss some sweet potato slices and red bell pepper strips on the grill while he cooked. He cut slices of beef off as we went, and we dipped them in (#67) chimichurri sauce I made to go with it. Alex poured the rest of the sauce over leftovers later in the week.

chimichurri sauce on leftovers
Chimichurri sauce on leftover beef and risotto – although I don’t recommend it on risotto

Chimichurri sauce is delicious. The recipe called for parsley, but I added a little cilantro as well. I used red wine vinegar since I’d seen it in a different recipe I looked at. I blended it because that’s easier than mincing it. This is a bright, vibrant sauce. I heartily recommend it. It was pretty easy, so I’m sure I’ll make it again.

I made (#68) Salmon with Alton Brown’s Spice Pomade to grill as well. Alex put down some foil to make grilling it easier, since we haven’t grilled fish too often. I blended the spices together, but left out the oil. Instead, I oiled the fish lightly and rubbed on the spice blend, and this worked out pretty well. We ate a little of it then but I’d mostly meant to have it as later in the week.

I don’t have good pictures of this – I really wish I’d remembered to take pictures of it grilling – but this was also pretty tasty and easy. I didn’t miss all that oil that I left out. The spice blend was a little peppery-spicy, but I thought that was good. I’m sure that it would go well on chicken and beef as well. I think this recipe’s a keeper, too.

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