97: Strawberry Shortcakes

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I had strawberries, so I decided it would be a good time to make strawberry shortcakes. These shortcakes were pretty easy to make. They’re basically a sweet biscuit. Unfortunately, I don’t have my cookbook right here in front of me, so I can’t type out the recipe for you. I promise you, though – they were incredibly easy to make, just like biscuits. Don’t buy the little dessert shells that you find in the store unless you really feel lazy or are very, very pressed for time.

After kneading, I separated the dough into 6 pieces instead of rolling it out. I then kneaded them a little more, which is probably why they puffed up so much rather than staying flat. I think that they baked about 14 minutes. I combined 4 cups sliced strawberries with between a third and a half cup sugar, and let it set so that they could become juicy. Alex wanted his already, so the strawberries in the picture below aren’t as juicy as they could be.

Strawberry Shortcakes

We both enjoyed these. Alex said that they were better when the cake was warm and it was assembled properly (cake, strawberries, cake, strawberries, whipped cream), rather than with the shortcake on top of a bowl of strawberries like when he took one to have with lunch. I thought that it was better with the strawberries nice and juicy. I think that these were better than the little dessert shells you can buy at the grocery store, and they really don’t take that long to make.

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