Banana-Raspberry Bread

I decided to make Banana-Raspberry Bread one day, and I’m glad that I did. The recipe had no added oil so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Not that I really thought banana bread recipes should need oil; banana bread is the perfect example of taking things that should be healthy and making them much less so.

This bread – much more healthy than most. It was bright and flavorful, and still moist even after a few days. I was right! No oil necessary.

Banana-Raspberry Bread
Banana-Raspberry Bread

Like almost all banana breads, this recipe was easy to make. I mashed up 4 ripe bananas and mixed in sugar, milk, an egg, and some vanilla extract. I added 1 cup of frozen raspberries. I added flour and leavening and mixed gently to combine, trying not to tear up the frozen raspberries. I scraped the batter into a greased loaf pan, and baked at 350F for about an hour – unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly how long.

The bread itself was sweet and moist. The raspberries were bright, tart bursts of flavor, transforming plain banana bread into something special. We ate the bread for breakfast and snacks for a few days, and what we had left after a few days was surprisingly moist. Honestly, I didn’t miss the oil that usually goes into banana bread at all.

This recipe probably reappear pretty often in my rotation of banana bread recipes. The only change I might make is to substitute in a little whole wheat flour or some oats to make it a heartier breakfast.

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