Giant Oreo Cookie!

Giant Oreo Cookie!

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For Christmas I got a giant sandwich cookie making kit. How awesome is that? I think I was in the process of recovering from the last year of baking all the time, though, because I didn’t get around to using it until now. To be fair, I had to make a stadium cake for our Super Bowl party, and you shouldn’t use your big cake and cookie molds too often, right? It might make them less special.

Now that I had the time to bake and take something in to work, I decided to make a giant Oreo cookie. My instructions said to use rolls of cookie dough, but you know I’m not a huge fan of refrigerated cookie dough. I don’t have a favorite chocolate cookie recipe so I spent a little time finding a recipe that would yield about a pound of dough, and this Chocolate Cookie recipe fit the bill.

I doubled the cookie recipe and made it exactly as written. It was very fluffy dough, more creamy than sticky, since I used an electric mixer. It was definitely done at 25 minutes at 350F. After letting them cool for 30 minutes, the cookies hardened up, and they were easy to remove from the molds because I’d sprayed them well with cooking spray with flour (and dusted them with a little cocoa as well for good measure).

I made the filling once I was ready to assemble the giant Oreo. The instructions said to mix a can of frosting with 2 pounds of powdered sugar, one pound at a time. I’m very glad that I only tried adding in the first pound of powdered sugar, because it was difficult to work all of it into the frosting! I started by mixing the powdered sugar in with a spoon, but after a while it wasn’t working anymore, so I used my hands to knead the sugar into the frosting. This was easier, but it still took a few minutes. It was already at Oreo filling consistency, so it was time to assemble the cookie cake!

giant oreo cookie cake
Giant Oreo Cookie

This looked really fun. It tasted okay. The filling was very thick and rich, exactly like the center of an Oreo cookie. Since I am my own worst critic, I had personal reservations about the cookie, although others seemed to like it. I think it’s possible that I overbaked the cookies a little bit. I wish I had gone with a denser, more sugar cookie-like dough – and I will next time. I expected the cookie to be a little softer – more like what you get if you get a pizza-sized cookie at a store. The cookie sliced very neatly – there were nice, straight lines on the wedges – but it crumbled when you tried to bite into it. The cookie was tall – and it weighed 4 pounds!

Everyone said the cookie was very rich – and they were right. There were 2 pounds of cookie and a pound of frosting with a pound of powdered sugar added to it – that’s 4 pounds of cookie! A little bit went a long way.

Honestly, I think that I just prefer having layered cakes instead of layered cookies. That’s just me. I would have liked this as a cake (like the stadium cake I made) with a creamy layer of frosting or whipped cream in the center. I think it would have also been easier to eat, and less rich, if there’d been about half as much filling in the center. The instructions said to only spread the filling to within an inch of the edge of the cookie, but this obviously made the filling thicker. You’d have to use a half can of frosting with a half pound of powdered sugar. I don’t think you’d miss it.

I’ll definitely try this again, with less filling. This cookie recipe was okay, and I might have liked it better if I’d baked it a little less. I’m going to have to find the perfect cookie recipe for it.

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  • I love this, I’m going to make one for my next Birthday party and this is a great idea! Can’t wait to try it!

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