Green Pea Soup

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As I’ve been trying to pack up my house since we move in a couple of weeks, I’ve been trying not to buy any more food. I must use up everything in the fridge and freezer. It’s simply not worth the hassle of trying to move cool or frozen food.

One of the recipes I made was an Indian-spiced Green Pea Soup. Heidi at 101 Cookbooks was similarly motivated to clean out her freezer. This soup was particularly nice to make because it was so simple. It took a little prep – grinding ginger, garlic, and serrano peppers and sauteing them with chopped onion – but honestly that was the most grueling step. After you’ve cooked the onion et al., you add frozen peas and stock, and simmer briefly. Add a little salt, blend with an immersion blender, and you’ve got dinner. I left out mint and any kind of cheese or croutons. We ate this with pita bread.

Honestly, this was a great and easy soup. It was a little on the thin side, so in the future I might add a little less stock or add some small diced potatoes. You could probably also serve it over a little rice. It was a little sweet from the green peas, and a little spicy from the peppers. To me, it tasted exactly like those potato and peas dishes you could get in Indian restaurants, with very little fuss. I encourage you to try it.

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